XAML Not Compiling?

17 06 2007

Are your XAML files not being compiled when you press F5 in Visual Studio? If so, read on… 

This weekend I managed to get Visual Studio Orcas 2008 Beta 1 installed on a Vista VPC (It only took 4 attempts for a total of 24GB downloaded – ouch! Don’t even get me started on how the MSDN help doesn’t work!).

Recently I’ve been building a WPF application whom’s sole purpose was for me to learn WPF. I decided to keep on with that project with Orcas. However, I’ve learnt a lot since I first started this WPF in Visual Studio 2005, so I created a new solution and built up some of the app. This way, I could implement all the stuff I’d learnt across the entire application.

I ran into troubles when I included some of the VS2005 XAML files into the project. Whenever I changed the pure XAML and ran the solution, the changes were not added to the binary. Now it doesn’t take long to build this app, so I wasn’t realizing that it wasn’t building at all when I pressed F5.

So after some experimentation, I found that I was missing an entry for one of the properties of XAML file. The highlighted section shows what to check:


After I added the MSBuild:Compile directive to the “Custom Tool” property, everything worked as it should!


 P.S. Apart from my MSDN help problem, Visual Studio Orcas 2008 Beta 1 runs much better than I expected. I hope this is a sign of things to come!




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